Our Client Services Team is Available 8 AM - 9 PM
EST, 7 Days a Week.


Our Services Teams

MI Botanicals is dedicated to providing assistance to our clients whenever it may be needed. We have a variety of contact options and our experienced team is happy to help. 


  • Phone
Dial (844) 724-4663 and follow the prompts to reach the appropriate representative. If you prefer to skip the automated directory, press zero to reach an assistant to route your call. 
  • Text
All of our staff phones are equip with text messaging capabilities. Send a text message to (844) 724-4663 for assistance. 
  • Instant Messenger
We are available on our website using our instant messaging feature. This option can be found in the lower right-hand corner of all of our Shopping and Product Pages. 
  • Email
We respond to all emails within 24 business hours. Please see the Company Directory for the Department Based Email. 

Help Desk
1 (844) 724-4663

Client Services
1 (844) 724-4663

Returns/ Reverse Logistics
1 (844) 724-4663

1 (844) 724-4663


1 (844) 724-4663

Quotes & Pricing
1 (844) 724-4663

Vendor Assistance
1 (844) 724-4663

Affiliate Aide
1 (844) 724-4663


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